“We transform CO2 in the air into ecommodities that replace fossil products at a lower price.
We create sustainable profits, while fixing CO2.
We are cooling the planet.”



Project Development for:


Create an Open Source Hub to:

Bring about social change, sequester CO2, grow the economy, promote biodiversity.
This small scale cool economic model of high returns boosts development in rural areas.

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Economist, CEO at eCO2, 4th generation of developers of off grid communities has 25 years of experience in real estate & tourism developments in 5 different countries. His first development with off grid solutions is Aymuray, with Gary Player as partner. Start up team integration in real estate, big data and permaculture, organic finance engineering.

albert bates

Albert has remained an influential figure in the human rights and environmental movements over many decades. He founded Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology in 1974, which today has technology transfer and aid projects on six continents. Albert invented the concentrating solar electric arrays and solar-powered cars displayed at the 1981 World’s Fair. Formerly an environmental and civil-rights lawyer, winner of the Right Livelihood Award, special consultant to Gaia University, and creator of the first Ecovillage Training Center for the Global Ecoviillage Network (GEN), he is now Chief Permaculture Officer at ECO2mmodities. For 20 years he has taught thousands of students in more than 60 countries about ecovillage design, natural construction, alternative energy, permaculture and climate-restorative farming, housing, transportation and energy systems. He was instrumental in bringing the Transition Towns movement to the USA and today assists prototype village redevelopment projects in Belize, Brazil, Estonia, Ireland, Mexico and Palestine. His books include The Biochar Solution, the Post Petroleum Survival Guide, and The Paris Agreement. He has resided at The Farm, an ecovillage in rural Tennessee, since 1972.


Agricultural Engineer, Msc. Crop physiology (University of Buenos Aires) and Msc. Environmental and agricultural economics and pHD in Agriculture (Polytechnic University of Madrid). After 15 years experience focusing on industrial crops he founded in 2012 Bioenergy Crops Ltd (, UK) and dedicated his life to the promotion of reforestation and perennial sustainable agriculture to produce renewable energy, avoid wildfires and produce high value added biomaterials. He focuses his work on land conservation and restoration, bioenergy for ecological services and lignocellulosic non- food biomass to culitvate unused marginal lands and crate rural jobs. Bioenergy Crops ltd is a unique company working on most sustainable ways to produce biomass for energy and biomaterials while improving soil organic matter, promote food security and rural development in poor countries, and create rural income for a local bioeconomy.

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Entrepreneur and biochar pioneer committed to doing business in whole-systems, zero-waste business models, that deliver on the triple bottom line – economical, ecological, equitable. Team builder, fundraiser, project organizer, risk-taker, revolutionary, with inexhaustible energy and a strong belief in changing the world for the better. The Biochar Company is one of ten finalists in the Virgin Earth Challenge – a $25 million prize for sustainable and scalable solutions to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

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Sybilla is a designer, with collections shown in Madrid, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and New York, winning the highest international acclaim. She was born in New York and she was raised in Madrid and currently lives on the island of Mallorca. In the early 90’s she created “Diseños Sostenibles” (Sustainable Designs), a pioneering company in environmental consulting, landscaping and ecological architecture.  For the past ten years they have promoted “Soil, Soul and Society” and “Education for life”, annual events that regularly bring to Mallorca inspiring international figures such as Anita Roddick, Masanobu Fukuoka, Jerry Mander, Ross and Hildur Jackson, Vandana Shiva, Satish Kumar, Fritjof Capra and Gunter Pauli, among others.  Sybilla has worked as consultant in several projects in areas related to systemic design and permaculture. Since 2010 she is the president of the “Fabrics for Freedom” foundation.

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Geographer and Environmental Scientist with over 20 years of international experience in Integrated Resource Management, soils, mapping and management relations. His specialties include river basin management and terrain characterization, and bio-fertilizers from agroindustrial wastes. Tomás combines tools like Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Real Time Sensor Networks to produce support systems that aid in decisionmaking and consequence/result tracking. Tomás loves nature, hiking, action sports, and  acts as the Technical Integrator in the team, as well as mapping baseline conditions and helping all the team members involved quantify issues and natural processes at stake.